It's just clay. Why is it so special?

A small space with a lot of creativity

Our humble studios are your new second home. Céramiques studios are wheel-based ceramic workshops, dedicated to providing a tranquil, free-flowing space to cultivate creativity and relaxation.

Spaces for you to explore pottery, develop your wheel work skills, and discover the thrill of turning a chunk of clay into a delicate and beautiful piece. For us, pottery isn’t just about churning out a mug and saucer (although they’re lovely), its about a love and passion for assisting you with the process of exploring and expressing your creativity. 

The piece you get to take home with you is the tangible result, but the experience you have in our studio is our number one priority.

Whether you want to create functional or abstract pieces, we are the catalyst to getting your ideas flowing, and getting your hands dirty. We will cater to your goals, and guide you in whatever direction you need to help you thrive and develop.


About our sessions 

We offer 2-hour sessions consisting of teaching technique development and building your skills in:

  • Throwing

  • Trimming

  • Sanding

  • Glazing

Over the term, our trained instructors monitor your growth to guarantee improvement with every pot. You are in the best hands, to get your hands dirty. We do not discriminate based on ability; if you’re an experienced potter, or if you haven’t touched clay since primary school, everyone is welcome. Throw on an apron, make yourself a cup of tea, pull up a chair by your wheel, and get busy with us.